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What a pleasure to offer these washing and cleaning products to discerning customers concerned about the environment, their health and the well being of humanity! 

AlmaWin - a German company not willing to compromise on ingredient integrity to achieve sales targets, formulates all products.

AlmaWin is renowned in Europe for being the front-runner in the field of dermatological and ecological safety.

All products are made with you in mind. They work as least as good as conventional detergents, are approved by dermatologists and are eco-friendly.

Apart from having a clear conscience, we are convinced that our products are “best in class”, worldwide. We therefore give you this 100% money-back guarantee: 


If our AlmaWin washing and cleaning products are not the most effective eco-brand you’ve ever tried, just return them and get a full refund.




The powerful soap nut laundry detergent 



All purpose Washing Cream

6 X Eco Concentrate 



Automatic Dishwasher Powder

Sparkling dishes though earth-friedly 


Automatic Dishwasher Powder



Dishwashing Liquid

Skin-care formula

Dishwashing Liquid